My cat has been vomiting for 3 days. She ate a piece of foam (toy) and threw it up, but then throwing up continued. Also, I changed the brand of her food. She’s being throwing up twice a day,green color and she’s sleeping all day. Drinks water but not eating. Normally she’s very active. I understand I need to go to a vet.. but I cannot afford it right now. With all the exams it will won’t be just 50 dollars. Not sure what to do. Anything I can do to help her? Do I have time to wait or is it an emergency now after 3 days?

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If your cat is vomiting multiple times over the span of a few days, then it is very important to see a veterinarian.  Given the history of having ingested a foam toy, it could very well be a foreign body from either a part of the toy that wasn’t regurgitated or something else that was eaten in which you did not notice.  This means that your cat is an indiscriminate eater and eats things which it shouldn’t.  For more information about pets eating things they shouldn’t, I recommend this article:


However, it could also be a number of other conditions that cause vomiting.  For more information about vomiting in cats, I recommend this article:


However, even as the article mentions, you should see a vet given the amount of vomiting that has been occurring.  It could be something minor that will resolve on its own, but it could also be something that could be potentially life-threatening.  Unfortunately, without having a physical exam and trying to rule some of the things out, it is not possible to make a recommendation specifically for your pet.  Some general advice would to just try to feed a small amount of a bland diet such as boiled chicken and rice, wait an hour and if no vomiting occurs, feed a bit more, and gradually increase throughout the day, but again, this is only for specific conditions and while it will not cause harm, it does not address the primary problem either.

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