Yesterday evening my dog starting acting unlike herself, she started randomly whining/screaming in pain when picked up in certain ways, when walking down the stairs and when any weight was put on her lower half. Today she has been very sluggish and her nose seems to be a bit dry and the yelping has gotten worse, when picked up she screams in pain. We can’t locate the area of the pain as we’ve pressed on each part of her and she doesn’t react, her limbs and everything external don’t seem to hurt her. She even runs around and wags her tail when she’s being walked. My 3 year old dog is extremely hyper all the time so this sluggish behavior and the pain she seems to be in is very concerning. Could this be a broken bone? Or an intestinal blockage? Help

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This unusual behavior could be cause by a number of things and a physical exam and a thorough history by a veterinarian could go a long way in helping isolate the problem.  It may just be a minor soft tissue injury that could self resolve including a back injury, a previously undiagnosed condition such as hip dysplasia which can also lead to early arthritis and can present in this manner.  However, it could be something more severe.  A veterinarian will be able to help you narrow down the source of the issue and rule things out even if a physical exam does not immediately reveal the culprit.

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