Hiya. I have my 10 year old cat who had a spinal injury two years ago. She spent time at the emergency vet, didnt need any surgery and recovered at home with crate rest (about a month of being confined to my bedroom). She is able to walk and is in no pain but lately i see that she is walking a bit worse. Her left back leg is numb and she cant feel it at all, though the foot doesnt knuckle under. Lately it has been placed more in the center of her body when walking instead of being put down straight and im not quite sure what to make of it. Should i make an appointment with the vet? My cat isnt bothered by it at all, shes still a happy cat, but i worry for her over everything. What could the vet even do without xrays which my local vet cant do, it would mean taking her back to the emergency vet which stresses her out.

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You should definitely see a veterinarian.  While arthritis can cause difficulty walking in cats, these symptoms you have described make this seem like an unusual case.  A veterinarian could give a full physical exam, perform a preliminary neurological exam and give advice on the next steps.  They would also be able to let you know what the most likely underlying causes for these symptoms are.

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