I have been cleaning my cats ears since he was little, now 11, as instructed by the vet due to drainage issues he has. While cleaning them today, there was a little bit of white liquid that was in one ear. He will cry when you touch that ear now and is a little stand off-ish. Wondering if I should wait until I can get into the vet this week, or do I need to take him to the Emergency Vet.

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If there is white liquid coming out of your cats ears, especially odorous, it could be purulent discharge (ie pus) This is a sign that there is an active infection happening which oftentimes needs antibiotics to remedy.  However, without an exam of the ear canal, it is not possible to say for sure.  So, given that your cat is in pain and has these signs, I would recommend seeing an emergency veterinarian if you cannot see a vet for a week as it is likely very uncomfortable and an emergency veterinarian will help you find the underlying cause and get you medications to help your cats comfort until you can see your regular veterinarian.

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