I have two cats ( 1 male, 1 female) of 6 months old, I  found them together along the road here SriLanka when they were +_5 weeks.  They have had the injections ( rabies 2 times)  and have been sterilized 2 weeks ago.  Went good, and wound healed well by both. I had to go back 1 time because female cat stitches came loose. They gave it an antibiotic injection. The cats normally play a lot with each other. Since Friday the female cat lost appetite and when she eats in the evening she vomits. She doesn’t want to play with her brother and drinks a lot of water, much more than normal. She did eat a little bit of buffalo yoghurt this morning but doesn’t want fresh tuna. She hides in a dark place. I live in Sri Lanka and the closest vet is 2,5 hours drive. People say it will be ok but I am worried. What can I do?

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Drinking more water can be caused by a number of conditions.  Here is an article discussing some of the causes of drinking more water and what to look for:

As the article mentions, it could be anything from excessive heat to more serious conditions such as kidney failure.  As your kitten is also acting abnormally, I would recommend seeing a veterinarian again, as the best way to determine what the underlying cause is by having a thorough physical exam to see if there are other abnormalities present.  Also, it is recommended that you feed kitten food or food that is listed for ‘all life stages’ if at all possible rather than yogurt and tuna as it is important that they get the necessary nutrients while they are growing.

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