Hi I have a 18week girl Staffordshire bullterrier cross Labrador, she has a little hernia but nothing serious been told as it hasn’t grown so they will take out when she is spayed. Basically she is loving and nice one minute and the next she is trying to bite and chew on you and if you tell her no and gently push her away say if she was chewing the tongue of your trainer she jumps on back legs and growl like she going to attack. She mainly changes when granddaughter been loud or tried playing/ Wound her up also she won’t have a bed or anything she chews it up so at the moment she has no bedding in cage which I don’t like

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Early signs of aggressive behavior in a puppy this young should be addressed quickly before they get out of a control as it could lead to an aggressive dog.  Here is a list of articles on some basic training techniques you can try:


I would strongly encourage you to see if there are any puppy training schools that you can attend.  This will not only give your puppy a chance to socialize a bit but help you learn more about your dog’s personality traits and which modifications will work best.

As for your dog bed and destroying them, while behavior modification may be a good longterm solution here is an article on the most indestructible dog beds which might help you find one that will better suit your needs:


Again, it is very important to stay on top of this and find a behavior plan that works for you while your puppy is young as it is much easier to modify now that it will be as your dog gets older.

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