I found a cat on the street,and I took her in my house,thinking that is the most safe place,but in the end it was her grave.I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago,she had all her injections,etc,she was a helthy 4 months old kitty.But 3 nights ago,she just die,around 3:30am,without showing any symptomes before.She wasn’t poisened.But I have two ideas.1st,that night with few houres before,she jump from the bath tube,and because her paws were wet,she fall and hit her head really strong from the ground,but she jumped up right away and continue her way out from the bath.This thing,might have provoked her a stroke,a small bleeding,which took few houres,till flood her brain.2nd,she choked with food.The sympthomes were:vomiting,pooping,and peeing all at once.I didn’t knew what to do.She just die in my arms,and I feel guilty,because I didn’t knew what to do to save her.Now,if I would have pushed slowly a rubber hose in her mouth,would helped?I did shake her,and she just open her mouth like she couldn’t breath and that was.I mention that there is no vet 24/7,and no vet close enough of this area.Thank you.

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First of all, I’m very sorry for what happened.  It sounds like you cared very much for this cat and did everything you could.  I do not know the underlying cause of what caused this poor cat to die.  However, if it was a stroke, oftentimes they are caused by a clot somewhere that dislodged and then gets stuck in the vessels of the brain.  If this were the case, then it would have been a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

It is always hard not knowing the underlying reason, but know that if it died so quickly, it is likely that there is nothing that could have been done to prevent your cat from dying.  I would encourage you to call a pet loss hotline to talk with someone about your loss as it is a very difficult thing to go through:  https://vetmed.illinois.edu/animal-care/care-pet-loss-helpline/

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Thank you,for your answer.