Our 9 year old dachshund suddenly passed away on Wednesday 10 April 2019.  I’m heartbroken and without any answers of what it could have been and if our other dog is in danger too. It was nearly time for his annual vaccines in May and I wondered if the previous season vaccines had run their course. I’ve also checked if he consumed any poison or pills and couldn’t find anything that he might have consumed.

On Monday 08 Apr 2019 our dachshund was his normal playful self with no signs or symptoms of what was to come.

On Tuesday morning 09 Apr 2019, he would normally stay in bed as my wife and I start a daily routine preparing to go to work. However this morning he was walking around with us everywhere we go. As I went outside I saw he vomited up some grass, however this wasn’t strange to us as he has done this many times before in the past when he was a little under the weather.

Tuesday afternoon after work he looked considerably worse. Normally he is very excited and can’t wait for me to give him his food. This day he just walked up to me and didn’t even bother to eat his food.

About 10 o clock that evening he was lying on my chest when I felt his whole body started twitching. This wasn’t a shiver as with fever but a twitch. I previously heard you should check the gums and eyes of your dog if you think something might be wrong. His gums were pale and he had red around his iris of the eyes. He also had a shaking sound to his breathing at this stage. We gave him some plain yogurt which he ate. As the night progressed he started twitching more violently and he started vomiting every few minutes. He also drank abnormal amounts of water during the whole night, however we didn’t notice him urinating once. Never through the whole illness did he have any diarrhea.

Wednesday morning 10 Apr 2019 we took him to the Vet as soon as they opened at 08:30 am. For some reason he looked a bit better and wasn’t shaking as violently as during the night.  The Vet took his temperature and this was normal. He said it might be a stomach bug and gave his a shot and provided us some medication we should give him. After the trip to the vet he was simply sleeping and we had a bit of hope that this was nothing serious. At about 13:00 he stated twitching again when all of a sudden his body went into what looked like a seizure. We rushed to the Vet again however upon arrival he had stopped breathing and there was no heartbeat.

I’m still getting to grips of what happened over the past 2 days. I only wish to know what can cause such a rapid decline in our dog’s health and causes death within 48 hours of the first symptoms.

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I am very sorry to hear about what you went through.  It sounds like he had a really great family.  In these rare cases where there is such a quick rapid decline, it is impossible to say what the cause of death is.  It could be from sort of toxin ingestion, cancer, heart disease or a number of other issues that can remain obscured.  I hope that you have begun to feel better with time, but if you still would like to talk with someone about your loss, please consider calling the pet loss hotline:  http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/outreach/pet-loss-hotline

They are very understanding and have people that can talk with you about your loss.

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