My puppy was diagnosed with Parvo yesterday after one mucus poop, one vomit (smalll and yellow) and one diarrhea. We were given a whole kit, barium, anti nausea tablets, an IV etc. She won’t touch the special food they gave us but will eat her regular food and wants it desperately. I’m giving her small amounts to make sure it stays in. Her poop this morning was semi soft but not diarrhea. Like a big Hershey kiss. I don’t want to give her an IV when she has only vomited once in all and hasn’t since being diagnosed. She is eating and drinking on her own but the vet just says “well she tested positive”. She plays with the other two puppies and runs around the house. I’m confused by her positive parvo test when she is not vomiting or having diarrhea. She does seem a little nauseated in the morning but after the anti nausea med kicks in she’s up and eating playing etc. I’m not even sure what I’m asking, I feel like if she’s eating, drinking and playing maybe I don’t need to give her multiple IVs a day. Just looking for second opinion I guess.

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In regards to what you are asking, I would recommend you continue to follow your veterinarians advice until you are able to have your puppy get checked out again.  Parvo is a life-threatening disease and discontinuing treatment without having a veterinarian check your puppy again is very dangerous.  The reports you are having mean either the therapy is working very well or that your puppy had diarrhea for another cause other than parvo (there can be false positives and I’d recommend reading here for more information on that:  https://www.uwsheltermedicine.com/library/guidebooks/canine-parvovirus/recognition-and-diagnosis-28158f83-23d9-427c-ad38-de73c5ddabb6)

For more details about the therapies you are giving, read on:

The fact that your puppy has not been vomiting could be due to the anti-nausea tablets working.  These usually work for ~24 hours per dose depending on what it is (normally in is Maropitant or ‘Cerenia’ as described here: https://www.cerenia.com/vomiting-in-dogs.aspx)

Regarding fluid therapy, it is okay to give a puppy, even if they are healthy and if they are still a little bit sick as they are typically electrolyte balanced fluids.  Oftentimes puppies that are sick are not drinking enough water and it is better to err on the sign of caution.

However, I’m not sure that you received IV fluids as “IV” stands for intravenous which is generally used in the sense of ‘intravenous fluid therapy’.  This is where a catheter is placed and a fluid line attached and carefully monitored by a machine.  You may be a veterinary nurse in which case maybe you already know the basics of fluid therapy as described here:


However, you may also be talking about subcutaneous fluids  as described here:


These are generally applied by veterinary professionals but can be done by people as well.  If it is IV fluid therapy, this needs to be done by a veterinary professional, and subcutaneous fluids should only be administered under the direction of a veterinarian.

As for barium, this is generally given as a contrasting agent to help x-rays determine if there is a foreign body (https://www.vetbabble.com/dogs/questions-dogs/foreign-bodies-i-think-my-pet-ate-something-it-shouldnt/)

However, it can sometimes be used to settle an upset stomach.

Regardless, all of the therapies seem reasonable and again, without you having a veterinarian look at your puppies vitals, I would recommend you continue them as directed.

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