My 10 week old pit boxer mix has had itching for the past few days and she is losing hair fast. She doesn’t have fleas. She does seem to have dry skin/dandruff. How to I stop the hair loss and itching?

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Itchiness can be caused by a number of things including fleas or allergies.  It is best to get a physical exam from a veterinarian to help find out what the root cause is.  Here is an article on determining whether your dog has fleas which may be of some help as well:  https://www.vetbabble.com/dogs/questions-dogs/does-my-dog-have-fleas/.

If your dog does have fleas, they can be treated with a number of treatments, and allergies can be treated as well.  However, knowing the root cause of the itchiness is the first concern.  Most pets should be on regular flea prevention regardless, so if your dog is not on fleas, even if you don’t see any, they could very well be the problem.

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