My cat is around 3 years of age. He has been acting different. He is an indoor/outdoor cat. Recently he can’t seem to urinate and strains to poop. When he does manage to poop it looks like a rabbit pellet with possibly mucus in it? I’m not sure. Yesterday we found a decomposing bat in our yard. We have 3 cats and we’re afraid they got ahold of it. We are nervous as bats are known to carry rabies. What should I do?

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So, I completely agree with the fear of the bat and you should be VERY cautious as rabies is a life-threatening condition for both humans and pets and can be spread from animal to human (https://www.cdc.gov/rabies/index.html). Contact a human doctor if you are concerned about any contact that you might have had with a bat or other animal suspected of having rabies.  It is important above all to make sure all of your cats are vaccinated against rabies and to talk to a veterinarian in your area the local laws regarding potential rabies exposure in pets and revaccination requirements.

As for the cat and not urinating, I would recommend taking him to the vet as soon as possible as this can be potentially life-threatening condition on its own. For more information about cats unable to urinate, take a look at this article for more information:  https://www.vetbabble.com/cats/health-cats/flutd-cat-cant-pee/

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