Our kitten has 3 patches that look like ringworm. What treatment can i do to heal it. Can I use over the counter stuff. Can I use antifungal cream for humans on her. She is only 9 weeks old

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I would recommend seeing a vet to confirm a diagnosis with either a culture and/or woods/UV lamp (black light) to see if it lights up the hair shafts and likely getting an oral antifungal as they work much better.  Here’s an example of what it might look like:

Regarding your question: Topical antifungals rarely work for this disease.  They can also be dangerous if ingested.  If there is a litter of kittens, this kitten should be separated from other kittens if they are infected as it can spread easily.  Also, beware that it can spread to you as well so it is important to clean your hands thoroughly after contact with the kittens and to contact a human doctor if you are at all concerned about getting this disease.

For more information about ringworm, you can check out our article on ringworm as well here.

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