I have a 3 yr old rescue who is house trained. Two months ago we moved into my mom’s house. I have not had any issues with him using the bathroom in the house. However, this week he has gone poop twice in my mom’s room! Last night I took him for a walk. He pooped on our walk. Shortly after we got back to the house he snuck in my mom’s room and pooped, again! My mom is very sweet to him so I would hope this is not in spite of her. I have noticed pet stains in her room and wonder if he smells them and is trying to mark his place now. My only questions is why didn’t he try this when we first moved in? Nothing has changed in his feeding schedule. We walk almost daily. I do crate him when I run an errand, but that his for a short period of time. I’m just wondering what caused this behavior change.

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