Ive been giving my cat advantage for the full two yrs of his life. About 6 months ago we moved and noticed alot of fleas in the house.I used fleas bombs, advantage floor powder, gave my cat a bath in medicated shampoo and still use advantage. But my cat has a crazy amount of flea eggs but no fleas. I keep giving him a bath in shampoo but its seems like there is eggs coming from no wheres.

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Check out our article on what to do if your cat still has fleas after treatment here if you have not already looked it over.

In situations where your current flea medication is not being effective, it is recommended to try another product as there are some fleas that are resistant to various medications.  I would recommend trying another product with a different active ingredient such as Cheristin – this is an over the counter product that works quite well.  It sounds like you are treating the environment really well, but it is very important to notice where your cat hangs out, like under the bed, or a favorite box or section of the house/couch that might have been missed.  Flea sprays for those difficult to reach/vacuum areas might be worthwhile trying.

If you are finding eggs, but no live fleas, there is a good chance your cat is eating the fleas.  This could lead to tapeworms so a trip to the vet to check a stool sample would be recommended.  Lastly, sometimes tapeworm segments are mistaken for flea eggs….so again, I would definitely recommend seeing a vet to confirm and get the right medication.


I hope this helps and good luck with your flea problems.

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