Hello my dog was hit by a truck about 20 minutes ago as I got home from work. I watched it hit at least her head and she tumbled to the ground. I then ran inside to tell my family and went back out and she was gone. We found her by the garage, she seems fine nothing broken but I’m worried she has like brain damage or something because she is acting really strange. What should I do?

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Dogs oftentimes have internal injuries that are not immediately visible when they are hit by a car.  They can be going through shock which could cause some neurological symptoms that you are describing. The most common cause of fatality from dogs being hit by cars is generally due to internal bleeding from organs within the abdomen or thorax such as the lungs, spleen or liver.  Bladder rupture is also fairly common in dogs hit by a car.  I would highly recommend going to a veterinarian that can check for signs of blood loss, ruptured bladder, shock, or neurological deficits which can oftentimes be detected on an exam.  It is especially urgent to go to the vet if you look at the gums and they are pale or have a decreased capillary refill time:  https://www.dailydogdiscoveries.com/tag/how-to-check-dog-capillary-refill-time/

If the exam does not confirm any issues and there are still concerns about injuries, a veterinarian can also run more advanced diagnostics which may include X-rays and bloodwork to see if there are any signs of internal injuries or blood loss.

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