I have a pure bred Corgi. She’s 9 months old and is in great health but has bad gas. We feed her Instinct raw boost kibble + raw puppy food twice a day (about 2 cups a day) plus a probiotic treat supplement once a day and the probiotics have helped some but she still has bad gas. Do we need to change her food, feed her less, or increase the probiotics?

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It can be quite annoying when dogs have bad gas.  Here is an article discussing some of the things to try:


As the article suggests, there are a number of dietary and exercise-related things to try.  Probiotics do not necessarily lead to less gas and can lead to more gas in some cases.  Also, dietary changes can temporarily lead to more gas as well.  In many cases, it is a matter of trial and error as every dog’s digestive tract can be slightly different.  As with most conditions though, it is recommended to work with your veterinarian on finding the best diet as there might be a specific medical condition that needs to be addressed causing the gas.  For example,  internal parasites can cause excess gas.

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