My been limping for more than 3 weeks now.There is no injury or something like that.Its a bit swelling and he turns to a side when walking, doesn’t look broken as he sometimes be able to stand on it.I’ve taken him to the vets twice already the last time they said that the cat need an ex-ray but it cost 180 pounds.Can somebody got an idea what it could be?

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Limping for an extended amount of time is always a troubling sign with a pet.  This usually means that it is trying to avoid walking on it to avoid pain or is experiencing pain.  It could also be a mechanical abnormality that is more common in young animals where a structure did not grow properly or sometimes noticed when a pet is first adopted that had a previous fracture or injury that did not heal right.

As for possible causes, it could be a wide variety of causes which is why your veterinarian wants to take x-rays.  This does not necessarily diagnose the underlying cause, but it does help rule out a large number of potential causes.  Some of the causes that would show up on x-rays include fractures (which could be a chip fracture and not easily palpated), signs of arthritis, bone or other kinds of tumors, or structural abnormalities.  Things that generally do not show up on x-rays are soft tissue injuries or damage to the ligaments, tendons or other soft tissue structures.

There is no way to determine the appropriate treatment for your cats limping without understanding the cause, but here is an article on arthritis:


I would encourage you to follow your veterinarian’s advice and have the x-rays done if at all possible (especially if it is getting worse) as limping is generally a sign of pain or discomfort and having a diagnosis will help determine the best treatment or medical management of the condition.

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