Hello I am planning on making 100% safe puppy gummy bears but I’m wanting them to be a vibrant blue color so looking for a natural food coloring I found Butterfly Pea Flower but there’s no information online if it’s safe for dog consumption?

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This plant is not included in any of the standard texts of what foods to avoid.  However, most things are toxic if the dose is high enough, including things like water, etc (look up hyponatremia for more details)

Given the nature of what you are doing, I think it might be worth trying to talk to a toxicologist.  This could be done by calling the ASPCA Poison control.  As it is ran by veterinary Toxicologists that should be able to assist you with the potential risk factors and what the toxic dose might be.   You can reach them here:  https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control There is a fee for the service, but they will at least be able to tell you the information that you need and let you know whether or not they are toxic.  Alternatively, you can reach out to a toxicologist at a veterinary University and they should also be able to assist, although it might take longer to get a response and you might want to try a few.  For example.  Here is a link to contact information for Professor Patricia Talcott, a veterinary toxicologist at Washington State University:  https://waddl.vetmed.wsu.edu/people/faculty/profile/patricia-talcott

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