My kitten has had severe breathing issues since we found her. It has only continued to get worse. We have took her to the vet multiple times and they prescribed her multiple antibiotics that didn’t help. She has symptoms such as wheezing, contracting of abdominal muscles, breathing throughout mouth occasionally, and having irregular breathing problems. She also makes super loud like nasally noises. And it’s not an upper respiratory issue because we have took her to multiple vets and have given her multiple antibiotics for that.

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While I do not know the underlying cause of breathing difficulty, I do know that giving antibiotics does not necessarily rule out an upper respiratory infection.  For more information about feline upper respiratory disease, here is an article on the topic:


As mentioned there are viral components to the diseases as well which antibiotics do not treat. There are also other causes of respiratory distress in cats such as asthma, feline infectious peritonitis, congenital heart disease and a number of other issues.  The best you can do at this stage is to continue to work with your vet to find the underlying cause and/or give supportive care such as keeping any discharge away and keeping well fed and hydrated.  Also, I recommend seeing the same vet so they can track how the kitten is doing and recommend the best care possible.  Kittens are especially delicate, so it is important to get to the underlying cause as quickly as possible.

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